Thursday, 28 July 2016

Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2016

Real estate market is tough enough helping clients to buy and sell homes. A good marketing plan can help you out to achieve the success in this business. Your marketing approach should emphasis on humanizing your business and systematizing things when you can. Below are some tips on real estate marketing which can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

1. Responsive Web Design: 

The first step in digital marketing is to get a responsive website for your real estate business. Almost 80% of tenants and buyers search online to explore various options for the available property. Getting a website enhance your chance of getting explored online by your potential buyers. Make sure your website should be optimized for all platforms as most of the clients love to search from their smartphones.

2. Maintain an Active Blog: 

According to Erik Laine, owner of Realty Connect, Blogging is another tool which you can use to communicate with your potential buyers. Initiate a communication with your potential buyers open up the barrier of sharing knowledge about your business. Tip and advice about property selling or buying can engage your readers to your brand.

3. Create Videos: 

To showcase your company and your properties, the video is the different kind of medium to interact with your clients. An interested client can get the insight of properties showcased on your website.

4. Include a Newsletter sign-up: 

It’s a good technique to build a database of potential clients and partners.

5. Improve SEO: 

Make sure your website has right SEO. A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can give free traffic from Google and other search engines can help you to trace by the clients when searched with right keyword.

After creating and optimizing your business website, there are many ways to drive people to your website by various online marketing techniques.

6. Launch a Company Newsletter: 

Email marketing is still the best way to stay in touch with your valuable prospects. Email is the great tool to let people know about the latest news update on your company.

7. Create and Publish high-quality Content:  

The Internet has exceptionally changed the way of expressing your views and interests. High-quality content can produce high traffic on your business website. Your audience will show trust and exceptional, well-written blog engage them with your business. Unseen content is waste of time and energy so try to put quality content on your blog.

8. Social Media Marketing 

Erik Laine strongly believes that Facebook and Twitter are the social platforms where you can promote your business online. You can create a page for your real estate business. Recently twitter come up with lots of marketing tools to share new ideas, property updates with your customers.

By following these simple rules of real estate marketing you can get success in your business. These are tried and tested ideas and like Erik Laine you achieve your business goal shortly.